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Welcome to Spanish Group Films, producers of high-quality motion pictures.

We strive to create the finest in English and Spanish language films for entertainment, education, and enlightenment (the three E's).  We hope you enjoy the website and all of our motion pictures.
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NEW!! Click Here to listen to the Spanish Group Films' podcast. Check in to hear news about updates, release dates, member information, etc.


Click Here to check out Nick's musical site, Wrong Harmonics.

All movies are available for viewing on

Don't forget to check out the teaser for the in-production feature, "Bankrupt", starring Brian Coughlin, Nick Braica, and RJ Loubier.  WATCH.

The highly anticipated second teaser for the feature production, Bankrupt, was finally released! Keep you eyes open for more production news and the first trailer, which should be released sometime in December.



Look here for improvements and updates to the website. For Spanish Group news, please go to the news page.

8/24/06- Football Short added.
9/5/06- Movies uploaded to
9/7/06- Movies uploaded to Google Video player.
9/23/06- Untitled Kidnapping Movie Teaser put online.
9/29/06- All movie links will direct you to the movie on Click on the title of the movie or the picture for the link.
10/6/06- Guestbook added.
10/28/06- Bankrupt page added.
11/10/06- Spanish Group Films Podcast is set up.

11/12/06- Spanish Group Films Wikipedia established
11/16/06- Bankrupt teaser 2 put online
11/19/06- Spanish Group Films Wikipedia Deleted