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The Film That Started it All.

Hecho en España began pre-production in early November of 2005.  The script only took writers Brian, Nick, RJ, and Tom two weeks.
"When you have a clear vision of what you want to do, the writing process is very fast." RJ added.  Casting was virtually nonexistant as the writers all wrote for themselves.  Filming location seemed to pose a delay, but ultimatly the producers chose scenic Somers, Connecticut, deep in the middle of Nowhere, New England.  An indoor soundstage was constructed and filming began.  There were some issues the inital filming.  Brian could not remember his lines.
"I fear he may be retarded." Nick commented.  The cast fought through and finished much of the important early indoor scenes.  The filming of the Dunkin' Donuts commercial was next on the scheduele.  This proved to be the most difficult, as Tom's body double wasn't cooperative.  Much credit is due to high school technology teacher Mike Niziolek for blocking off traffic.  Unfortunently for the production, it isn't allowed to record images inside a Dunkin' Donuts.  This didn't stop us however, we just had to be a little bit sneakier.  The weather was well below freezing, but Tom's wardrobe of thin t-shirt was essential to the plot.  The rest of the cast and crew watched on (with coats) as Tom layed on the ground, covered in iced coffee, fighting off frostbite.

RJ doing us all a favor...
RJ ridding the world of Tom's hoodie.

The puppet...
RJ as The Puppet

This WOULD'VE been a group photo...
The cast in Somers, CT.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006, Hecho en España was realeased on dvd.  Two versions are available for purchase, a one-disc version containing the full-length film and a blooper reel, and a two-disc special edition.  The special edition contains the full-length film, a blooper reel, a making-of documentary, cast interviews, an egg violence featurette, and Spainsh Group Films's short version of the Wachowski brothers' The Matrix.  Both are available for purchase at

Brian being awesome...
Brian as Agent Smith.

Braica + Donuts...
Nick, proud of the establishment that tried to have us arrested.

In the 2005 international smash hit, Tom Farnham is the host of the #1 talk show in the world, with Nick Braica as his quirky musical sidekick.  When guests Pablo Peladilla (Brian Coughlin) and Antonio Banderas (RJ Loubier) come to the show, hell breaks loose and people die.

Excerpt from the DVD.

Tom enjoying food...
Tom loves Dunkin' Donuts