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August 2006 News

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August 2006 News

Spanish Group Films News from August 2006

Aug 24 - the members gathered again to begin to write and produce their second big project, entitled "The 16th Man." Few details were disclosed about the movie, but it was heard that they also began filming on the same day. A brief description can be found on the "Coming Attractions" page.

Aug 18 - SGF members met and produced numerous clips featuring the trio playing football, which they simply named "Football." On August 24, the movie was completely edited and produced, and put on the web for all to see. It can be found in the "Shorts and Webisodes" section

Aug 16 - Tom Farnam's involvement with the group could be in jeopardy, due to the fact that most crew members think of him as a "vile, disgusting creature, who could barely be called a human." These views were expressed in the August 18th meeting.

Aug 16 - On August 16, 2006, Spanish Group Film's Brian Coughlin created a website highlighting the groups films and cast members. On August 18, the group assembled once again, 9 months after the making of "Hecho en Espaņa", to begin filming for their future productions, which will be highlighted on this website.

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