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Spanish Group Films' First Feature-Length Film.

Us looking awesome.

Spanish Group Films started their first full-length feature film, Bankrupt, on September 17th, 2006. The group had dreamed of creating a full length feature after many successful short films were produced. The group collaborated on the plot and characters, and originally came up with an action/comedy storyline that would change as they began filming. As production continues, the group also admits that they won't stick exactly to the original storyline: "With the way we produce and write the movies, there is always going to be places where, when we get to it, we change it." Nick said in an interview.

Overall, few details of the movie have been released. On November 16th, the group released their second highly anticipated teaser. No exact release dates have been set either, but RJ is hopeful that it will be finished in early March of 2007.

RJ being choked.
Nick taking his revenge of a kidnapper.

Starring Nick Braica, Brian Coughlin, and RJ Loubier in their first full-length feature film as Spanish Group Films.
(To watch the trailer, click on "Bankrupt")

Nick being kicked in the face.
Nick Loubracough experiences a foot in the jaw.

The filming of Bankrupt has proven to be somewhat of a problem for the group, as they only have three members to act in the movie and film the movie at any one time. "It's hard, because someone's got to film." Brian mentioned. "If we need all three of us in a scene, we need to find a place for the camera so that it will capture the entire scene without anyone altering it. This usually means the scene has to be pretty stationary." Occasionally, the group will bring in someone, usually David Brzozowski, to film, but they try to refrain from doing that. Another problem presented by the limit to cast members is the characters in the movie. There can never be more than three characters in a scene, and each of the cast members are playing multiple roles in the movie. This can impact the script and storyline significantly. "I play two characters in the movie" Nick shared. "Niether of them can ever meet in the move, so we have to write the story according to that."