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Spanish Group Films

September 2006 News

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September News

SGF news from September

  • Sept 29 - 16th Man will no longer be a contest. SGF decided not to put the movie online for unknown reasons.
  • Sept 29 - All movies have been taken off this site. Instead, the movies listed on this site will dorect you to the movie site on, so that space on this site will be saved. Click on the title of the movie or the picture underneath the description f the move. It will bring you directly to the youtube player. The movie will begin playing automatically.
  • Sept 29 - SGF uploaded Cake and The Krispy Kreme Killer onto Also, a working title of the kidnapping movie was decided on today: Bankrupt. A new teaser was also made, which will be released sometime around Thanksgiving.
  • Sept 23 - Spanish Group Films put out the teaser for their new movie, whose title is still undecided. Go to "Coming Attractions" to view it.
  • Sept 17 - Also in the September 17th meeting, the group began production of another movie whose name is still undecided. Check "Coming Attractions" for details.
  • Sept 17 - The group gathered again and decided not to finish the production "The 16th Man". Instead, they decided to make the movie into a contest. They will put the beginning of the movie on the web, and then accept suggestions for what they should do for the rest of the movie. The best suggestion will be written into the plot. Complete details on the "Coming Attractions" page.Sept 8 - SGF is now on Google video! Search for them using the name of the movie. Stop by and support our movies, maybe make a comment or two!
  • Sept 5 - SGF uploaded all their viewable movies seen on this site to Hopefully soon, the movie links on this site will direct you to the movie on, in order to save space on the site.

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